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Thank you for your interest in membership in the Academy.

Urban Director nominees must be a Director or Chief Executive Officer of a major Federal, State, Regional, County (or Parish) or City with a population of 500,000 or more; a political appointee; and a Director or Chief Executive Officer without extensive park and recreation experience.

Members of the Academy Board of Directors may NOT nominate an urban director candidate nor may they write a support letter.

AAPRA commits to promote, nourish, and embody an inclusive and equitable environment, strengthen our commitment to promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, combat systemic and structural racism, and promote a culture of equality for all, through our knowledge advancement, research, education, and scholarly efforts.

Nominees are encouraged to review the criteria for membership prior to completing the Nomination Form. Each nomination MUST include a statement from the Academy member explaining why they are nominating the individual for membership and two (2) support letters from other Academy members. Additional support letters will NOT be considered. Support letters must be specific in explaining what the nominee will offer the Academy. 

Nominees must provide a written statement (asked in the nomination form) addressing the question, "Why are you seeking Academy membership and how will you contribute to the profession as an Academy member?"
Nominations close June 9, 2023, 5:00 pm PDT.

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