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Development of the Self-Study Report is the first and arguably most important step in the accreditation process. It serves as an opportunity for a Program to engage in a process of rigorous self-assessment and improvement against nationally recognized quality indicators.

The self-study process is a major undertaking rather than a cursory review of the Program. The resulting self-study is used by the visitation team as the primary document in the Council’s evaluation of the Program. The self-study is thus pivotal to the success and efficiency of the entire review process. The self-study must include clear and compelling evidence of compliance with each of the standards.

COAPRT has developed a Self-Study Format and Template document to assist Programs with the completion of their Self-Study.  This was created to help make the Self-Study focus upon content rather than appearance of the document.  To do this, the Sections A-E below are contained within the template and cells for each standard require discussion of compliance and related links.  

Use of the template is mandatory for Programs submitting Self-Studies.     

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